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  "The Cuban Memorial:
A nation united in grief"



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Official Poster of
The Cuban Memorial - 2008

 Cuban Memorial 2008
Thank you for your cooperation and support!


Panoramic view of the Cuban Memorial, Miami
"Each cross holds one victim of Fidel Castro's regime,
over ten thousands crosses covered the field"


The Cuban Memorial - Miami, Florida


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Important Information
A Massacre carried out by the Cuban Government: The sinking of the Cuban Tugboat "13 de Marzo".
Testimony of a mother who survived the sinking of the Cuban Tugboat "13 de Marzo".
Video of massive executions carried out by the Cuban regime. (External link)
Press here to watch and listen a VIDEO about the Cuban government pilots as they shot down the
harmless civilian Brothers to the Rescue planes.
Chronology of events leading to the Feb. 24, 1996, shot down of Brothers to the Rescue Aircraft.
Belgian Supreme Court Ruling allows Judicial Watch murder case against Fidel and Raul Castro to be prosecuted.
Press Release

Construction Plans Have Been Approved For The Memorial Cubano Monument

(Miami, FL)-- The Memorial Cubano organizing committee announced the approval of the building plans for the Memorial Cubano Monument at Tamiami Park. Construction of the monument will begin in 2009.

Members of the committee expressed their gratitude to the South Florida community for their continued support and to everyone who has contributed their time, talent and donations towards realizing this very special landmark monument honoring the victims of the Castro Regime.

The committee specially appreciates the support of Miami-Dade County Commissioner, the Honorable Joe Martínez and the monument’s architect Willy Borroto.

Contact: Emilio Solernou (786) 346-5141 (cell)

Memorial Cubano
6550 S.W. 40th Street, Miami FL 33155
(786) 621-7505

Greetings friends and supporters of the Cuban Memorial

The Organizing Committee wishes to thank everyone for their support and participation this weekend at the 2008 Cuban Memorial.

During these three days, we honored the victims of the Cuban Regime who have lost their lives in search of freedom.

We honor their memory, a nation united in grief. And we continue our efforts to attain the permanent monument in Tamiami Park.

With deepest gratitude,

The Organizing Committee of the Cuban Memorial
Telef: (786) 621-7505
Miami, Florida.

* Visit some moments of the Cuban Memorial - 2008 here.

Cuban Memorial DVD

Cuban Memorial DVD

Obtain here the Cuban Memorial 2004 DVD. This DVD production provides viewers with images and descriptions of each of the events of the Cuban Memorial 2004.

You may mail your check or money order to:
Memorial Cubano
6550 S.W. 40 St.
Miami, FL 33155

OR Order by phone: (786) 621-7505

Donation suggested $20.00

You can make your donation online here:

Cuban Memorial Donations

If you wish to donate to the Cuban Memorial please send your check or money order to:
Memorial Cubano
6550 S.W. 40 St.
Miami, Fl 33155

Phone: (786) 621-7505

Email address: info@memorialcubano.org




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